Breathwork Journey: Release & Receive with Melissa Saubers Sat. Feb. 18th 1pm-2:15pm

Breathwork Journey: Release & Receive with Melissa Saubers Sat. Feb. 18th 1pm-2:15pm

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Breathwork Journey: Release & Receive
Saturday, February 18 from 1:00-2:15 pm
Tickets: $22/each

Melissa Saubers, Breathwork Facilitator, will guide you through an expansive Conscious Connected Breathwork journey. Breathwork is an active meditation where you use your own breath in a specific pattern to theoretically disconnect your mind from your body, helping you drop deeply into a meditative non-ordinary state of consciousness.

This type of breathwork is perfect for you if:
~ you have a hard time meditating
~ you're ready to release the thing(s) that are holding you back
~ you feel like you have stuckness in your body or your life
~ you're wanting a way to tap into your own internal guidance system
~ you're ready to learn a new way to relieve stress and anxiety

During this journey, you will have the opportunity to release something that's been holding you back and receive insight from your internal guidance system. You'll walk away fully refreshed with a new outlook on life. Expect a significant shift in a short amount of time!
The Journey:
Intention Setting & Introduction to Breathwork Pattern
40-minuted Breathwork Journey guided by Melissa set to an intentionally created playlist 
Integration & Grounding

Please have the following available for your comfort during your session:
~ Wear comfy, layered clothes. You may get hot or you may get cold.
~ Mats and blankets are available on-site or you may bring your own.
~ A journal and pen.
~ Water to drink.
~ Eye mask (optional and available on-site for you)



About Melissa:
Melissa Saubers is a heart-centered Hypnotherapist, Spiritual Teacher, Coach, and Mentor, with a holistic healing approach rooted in science, psychology, and spirituality. Melissa developed The Quantum Manifestation Process (QMP) based on her fascination for the subconscious mind, the quantum field, manifestation, and expanding consciousness. She uses this process and her many gifts to help her clients on their healing, expansion, and manifestation journeys. Those gifts include a variety of healing modalities including hypnotherapy, breathwork, beyond quantum healing (BQH) hypnosis, cacao, and energy healing.
Melissa can be reached at or on Instagram @MelissaSaubers

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