Tween/Teen Yoga + Puppy snuggles & cuddles (golden doodles) Nov. 13th 6:30pm-7:30pm
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Tween/Teen Yoga + Puppy snuggles & cuddles (golden doodles) Nov. 13th 6:30pm-7:30pm

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Do you want your tween/teen daughter to LOVE herself MORE? Do you want her to feel confident in her skin and know her value and worth? That's the intention for our tween/teen yoga program at Megan's Yoga Tribe! This special class we are adding 7 week old Goldendoodles to the class. 

Tween/Teen Yoga class + puppies is Sunday, Nov. 13th, 6:30pm-7:30pm at Megan's Yoga Tribe studio in Downtown Lee's Summit

What to Expect: This program is for (10-17 year olds) tween & teen girls, we will explore basic yoga postures, learn the power of our breath, disconnect from technology to connect with each other and ourselves, and learn to love ourselves more!

Dress "puppy friendly" - Puppies are very curious and will nibble on anything--including your ponytail. If you have long hair, a bun is recommended and no jewelry (especially earrings).

Please also wear socks to protect your toes from nibbling. All of these 7 week old puppies have families already waiting for them. Some of these puppies will go on to become therapy or dogs facility while others will be cherished family members.

Farmstead 51 works hard to raise well-balanced and healthy puppies, most of whom have families waiting for them before they are ever born.

The puppies will play and engage during your normal yoga practice. Let them come to you for snuggles and love! Doesn’t a puppy snuggle during Savasana sound dreamy!

10 minutes get to know each other and the puppies
20 minutes yoga flow
25 minutes partner and group postures
5 minutes final relaxation

There will be a theme/mantra for each class. The girls will practice partner postures and learn to lean on and help build up their peers.

This class will be filled with mindful and encouraging words to leave your tween/teen feeling strong, confident, peaceful, present, connected, and brave!

The girls will lift each other up, support one and other, laugh together, share their feelings and thoughts, and stand up for each other because they are each their own kind of beautiful and they are better together!

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