Unlocking Your Magic & Purpose Through Human Design
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Unlocking Your Magic & Purpose Through Human Design

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Have you ever wondered or felt you had a higher purpose in life but need or are looking for clarity? On the cusp of transformation, but need more guidance? We are all magical and have our own unique place in this world. And sometimes we need help finding the true nature of ourselves. Human Design can do this! Human Design is a multilayered system that uses ancient modalities such as astrology and I Ching, along with quantum physics to give you your own blueprint to who you are to BE. 

As your workshop guide, I will introduce you to your own uniqueness through your type and aura, decision making, emotional waves and learning styles, Through creativity, contemplation and intention, you will gain more clarity about who you are meant to be and how to show up for YOU and others, by giving you the basics to begin your journey to coming back to your true essence. 

Are you feeling called to shift and transform? Sign up now! The first five people to sign up will receive a love seat reading at the end of the workshop.
Date and Time: Sunday, July 17 3:00-4:30 pm 
Cost: $55, includes bodygraph/chart and course materials.

Host: Heather Fischer-Page with Integra Holistic Wellness
intuitive. cosmic visionary. guide. mentor. 

Heather had always had a love of learning and understanding herself and others from a mind, body, spirit and soul perspective. When she received she received her functional nutrition certification in 2013, she knew there was more she wanted to offer. She saw how her own healing path included holistic nutrition, but also mind and spirit modalities to achieve the balance, health and vitality. She found the amazing Certified Food and Spirit Practitioner program, which combined nutrition and body, mind and spirit techniques, that allowed her to approach the whole person. 

As her own healing path evolved, so did her craving to learn more. Her longtime love of learning and understanding astrology, I Ching, and other divination techniques led her to traditional Human Design and further, Quantum Human Design, where she finally connected with who she truly was to BE and her own life purpose. She has dedicated herself to understanding traditional Human Design as well as Quantum Human Design™ and is now a Quantum Human Design™ Specialist. Heather utilizes E-motion and hypnotherapy techniques as well as energy healing as a Certified Energy Healing Specialist.

This knowledge, wisdom and experience gives her the tools to guide and lead her clients how to tap into their own way of being, shift and transform any blocks that may be holding them back and gain a clearer understanding of their life's purpose. 

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