Yoga for Better Sex LESS Stress More Orgasms with Savannah Fri. Jan. 20th 7pm-8:30pm

Yoga for Better Sex LESS Stress More Orgasms with Savannah Fri. Jan. 20th 7pm-8:30pm

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Yoga For Better Sex:

Less Stress, More Orgasms 

Stress is the killer of Desire! It also wreaks havoc on our body and mind, affecting all areas of our health. 

When we are stressed many of us become shorter with our partners, lose the desire to have sex, or can’t get in the right mindset to even enjoy it. Who can experience pleasure if thoughts of the next day’s plans or ruminating about a mistake the day before are taking up headspace? 

Orgasms happen in the present moment, and they’re definitely my favorite way to meditate!

Learning to slow down, be mindful, and live in the present moment will not only alleviate the harmful effects of stress, it will also increase desire, enhance sensations, and allow us to connect more intimately with ourselves and our partners. 

In this workshop, you will be lead through practices to connect with your sensations, to become present, and to learn how to slow the f*ck down. You will also learn yoga postures that will allow your body and mind to be open to more orgasms, to experience more pleasure, and live with way less stress! 

You’ll need a mat, a journal and pen, and an open heart and mind. Leave seriousness at the door and give yourself permission to let go! 

*All yoga levels, men and women welcome! No partner needed. 


When: Friday, January 20th 7pm-8:30pm

Where: Megan's Yoga Tribe Studio 20 SW 3rd St Lee's Summit, MO 64063


Meet your host: Savannah 

Savannah Freemyer: My path started with massage therapy, which led to reiki, integrative wellness coaching, and yoga. I am grateful for a background in these areas as I dove into Layla Martin’s 650+ hour VITA program for Sex, Love, and Relationship Coaching. I learned an incredible amount about myself and used pleasure as a method of transformation and healing in my own life. Then, I learned and practiced a coaching methodology that blew me away with its efficacy, empowering results, and ability to connect mind and body. Now, I am exploring  more deeply into my studies with Tantric Sex and Relationship Transformation as my majors. 

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