Yoga Nidra Journey to the Self with Carly Aug. 21st 4:30pm-6pm

Yoga Nidra Journey to the Self with Carly Aug. 21st 4:30pm-6pm

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Take some time for yourself to experience Yoga Nidra as the active days of summer wind to an end and the routine of the school year kicks in. Take a journey “through the self, to the self” by exploring the Yogic concepts of chakras and Vedanta. Chakra’s are energy points in our bodies that correspond to bundles of nerves, major organs and areas of our energetic body that can affect our emotional and physical well-being.

Keeping the chakra’s open and aligned allows our energy (prana) to flow freely. Vendanta is the philosophy that our real nature is Divine. The evening will begin with some gentle movement before settling into Yoga Nidra. Yoga Nidra, also known as yogic sleep, is a guided meditation that leads us to a hypnagogic state (the state between being awake and asleep), a place where brain activity reduces and our subconscious and unconscious mind becomes active with the goal of brining a sense of peace and reconnection with our true self.


About Your Host: Carly 

I started practicing yoga 18 years ago as a calming lunch break from my corporate job, in those early days it was impossible to close my eyes and calm my mind during savasana. Today my practice is fundamental to managing stress; my mat is my calm in the storm – a place where I am fully present. It is where I have learned to trust and honor my body and connect with my soul.

My 200 hour yoga certification is from Zen Zone Yoga.  I am currently enrolled in Flow School with the goal of bringing creative movement beyond traditional sun salutations in circular patterns that will calm and challenge.
Outside of yoga I work as an IT Director, have one adult son, love to read, enjoy road trips on the back of my partners motorcycle and strive to find more time for naps and paddle boarding.  I am passionate about raising awareness and removing the stigma related to substance use disorder. 


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